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Enter the RELAXATION zone. iLookHot Salon is home of the 10 minute DR. Muller ORBIT tanning beds. After a few sessions in here, follow up with a DR. Muller OMEGA session and just see how tan you can be. Let us show you the new technology of UV Free tanning in our MYSTIC HD. One last treat for you would be a session in our Fit BodyWrap. Burn up to 1200 calories and turn all of your aches and pains into a thing of the past.


Allow us to PAMPER you. Let our Cosmetologists, Estheticians, Massage Therapists and Tanning Associates take care of you and get you that shade and shape you have always wanted. We are an ENJOY EXCLUSIVE Product salon. Allow us to design a product package especially for you. We are available for you 6 days a week and would love to get our hands on you. For total relaxation let our Licensed Massage Therapist spend an hour working out your sore muscles and just watch all your troubles melt away. Press the SCHEDULE NOW button to set up your time to come see us!




We combined iHot and The Look to bring you… iLookHot Tanning Salon now we give you the ultimate tanning results in the shortest amount of time. Our California Tan products combined with the Original Dr. Muller tanning systems will tan you so beautifully, everyone will swear you have been kissed by the sun! Our Premium Ergoline tanning systems will deliver a beautiful tan each and every time. Enjoy UV Free Tanning with our technologically advanced Mystic HD UV Free Tanning System. Then, try spending some quality relaxation time in a relaxing InfraRed BodyWrap.



BodyWorks Spa & Salon is the result of 36 years in the beauty and tanning industry. Our exclusive Ergoline Tanning Systems, from our Advantage 400’s to our Sunrise 480 will bath you in just enough UVB to bring out the maximum amount of pigment to leave you with a Golden Bronze glow. Let our 24,000 watt Dr. Muller Omega finish you off with only 3 sessions a month to maintain your color. Pamper yourself with our dedicated hair, nail, and cosmetology professionals, and let us become your one stop shop for beauty.

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701 W. Ruth Sallisaw , OK
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